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Monday, February 13, 2012

Smile, questions?

Dear Potassium,

Love and Hugs,
Elder Mighill

Dear Girls,

A positive attitude, with the ensuing smile, is {I honestly before my Heavenly Father can say,} infinitely more truly beautiful than any make up you could ever concoct.

I challenge you to do two things. One, try going without make up for a while. Or maybe just going a little bit lighter on the make up you do wear. You don't need it. I solemnly promise you that. You got this. :)

Secondly, I challenge you to try being positive and smiling more. You don't have to be overly energetic or in people's face about being happy. Just try taking a postivie outlook. Negative things don't ruin days. Negative outlooks ruin days. Or longer. There is often just as much good stuff going on in your life as there is bad stuff. Try to think about the good stuff more. It will make you more attractive, and will help you have a more wonderful life. :)

Hugs and Smiles,
Elder Mighill

Dear Everyone,

If you have any questions about dating, or even about life in general, please ask me. I would love to give you my two cents. And if you would rather have your advice from a girl, I have a friend that I'm planning on inviting to come co-write with me, and she is a girl. So we could get her take on whatever you like as well. :)

P.S. She is the one who designed this wonderful blog layout. I think it's quite nice, don't you? :)

Dying for Questions to Answer,
Elder Mighill

So I asked Elise about a 'Dear Girls' button, and she, in all her grace and charity, decided she would make one. Let's have a silent round of applause. :) So you can all expect me to start using a 'Dear Girls' button, made by her, in the near future. Awesome eh? I'm excited. :)

Try your best to make today awesome. :) You got this. Life is good if you decide it to be. :) Talk to you all later.

Romance, Potassium?

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