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Friday, February 10, 2012

Post Number 'Eins'

First off, I am faux-dating {Sorry, no, I'm not going to explain what I mean by that right now.} a wonderful, kind, spiritual girl. Many of these blog posts will be referring to her. We will call her Potassium. It's an inside joke. Makes for a fun nickname I think. :) I will also often be using a format originally created by this cool girl over here: coolblog. This format is called 'Dear Boys'. I will of course be using a modified version called 'Dear Girls'. Now you know. Oh, one more thing. I'm leaving on a mission for the LDS Church in a little over a month. Hence the 'see you later' in the url. Also, on that note, I will be signing everything as Elder Mighill. {That's the original Irish spelling of my last name. Pronounced mile.} Let us continue, shall we? :)

Dear Girls

Dear Potassium,

Sometimes you are sick, and sometimes I worry about you. As a matter of fact, all times that you are sick, happen to be times that I worry about you. However, the times I worry about you are certainly not limited to when you are sick... Get well soon! :)

I love you.

Also, thank you for your help with grammar and spelling. I appreciate it. :)

Lastly, your romantic pins and sentiments make me happy. :) :)

That is all.

Elder Mighill

Dear girls in general,

I realize that you are wearing 'sexy' clothing in order to get guys to notice you and talk to you. But I can guarantee you that by taking this approach, you will attract all of the guys that only decide to come talk to you because they think you are 'hot'. Many of the decent guys will probably be too intimidated by your 'sexy' look to come talk to you anyway. Your personality, and everything else, will take a back seat to this 'sexy'-ness that you used to get their attention. I am sorry. :( If you want guys to like you for your personality, stop dressing so they notice your body first. You are so much more than just a body. :)

Sincerely and Caringly,
Elder Mighill

In honor of my first 'Dear Girls' post, I am going to use the button that she usually would instruct girls to use with their 'Dear Boy' posts:

Hmmm. I wish she had a 'Dear Girls' button... Maybe I'll ask her about making one...

Have a wonderful day! Smile! I'll talk to you all later.

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