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This will be someplace that I can express my romantic ideas, do 'Dear Girl' posts - inspired by the 'Dear Boy' posts on the Elise's Pieces blog - and probably give dating advice, if I can manage.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Way of Explanation

Hello all! Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. Been distracted I guess. On with the show!

Dear Potassium,

Thank you for caring. :)

Also, your van is MASSIVE and hard for driving, also making interdigitation more difficult. However, it was still a fun little road trip for sure. :)

Utmost Sincerity,
Your Calcium

Dear Girls in General,

Don't stress it too much ok? You'll find your guy. Besides, stress is probably rather unattractive to most. Today's tidbit of advice: Try to be the kind of person you're looking for. If you want someone kind, try to be kind yourself. If you want someone spiritual, they probably won't be too interested in you unless you are spiritual as well. If you don't want a rude guy, don't be a rude girl. Etc. This won't fix all your problems, but it will help to make you more attractive to those who you are hoping to date. :) This exercise may also help you to actually realize what you really do want in a guy, and to start honestly looking for it, instead of a hot bod or some such. I accuse none of you of looking for a hot bod, but I know I have struggled with it in the past, so there you go. :)

I wish you the best!

Elder Mighill

Alright, so in my very first post, I mentioned that I was faux-dating our dear Potassium. I also mentioned that I was not going to explain what that meant. Fear not! Now is the time. :) Also, I'd like to explain the use of the word Potassium a little better.

So as for the history between Potassium and I, I will try to keep it rather condensed. If you want specific details, try to ask for them specifically, and I will do my best to specify. :)

So we met at Institute. {A class on Thursdays, run by the LDS church, where you can go learn more about the Gospel outside of the regular meetings on Sundays.} We didn't know each other very well. All the sudden she approaches one day after class and comments about how my blog {the one I write under my real name} is wonderful. She had seen a comment I'd made on someone else's blog, and had followed my profile back to my blog.
I of course then wanted to go read her blog. She told me where it was. As I read it, I came to respect her and understand some about her. It was wonderful to get that little window into her life and thoughts. I sent her an email commenting on my thoughts about her blog. We then met up at another ward activity the following Monday and started talking. This was sometime around mid-December I think... I'm horrible with days. ;)

Things moved pretty quickly. I got to go over to her house and hang out a couple different days for hours. That was very nice. Her family liked me a lot, and I liked them. But as we grew closer, her parents decided that they did not like me being so close to her with my mission coming up.They don't think we can build that kind of relationship with a two-year absence looming. We disagree on that point. In my efforts to convince them of our pure motives, I shared some past experiences that had helped shape me. We worry that the sharing of these things may have cast a negative light on me. But I don't feel too much regret. It felt like the right thing to say at the time.

In any case, they decided that they were going to do what they could to limit our contact to prevent us from becoming very close. We only see each other at ward activities and other rare times when we can find an excuse to see each other. It's tricky.
Her parents also seem rather undecided on the issue. Potassium has told me that some days her mother will seem agitated and upset at mention of me, and she seems to forbid my presence, or letting me pick her up from activities, etc. However, on other days, she seems to find things that I have done adorable. Like a little teddy bear I gave her. She has also at certain times expressed positive feelings towards me to Potassium. Very confusing.

Well! We grew closer anyway, as you may imagine. We had a very nice Christmas and a really great New Year's, the little that we did get to see each other. In all respects, we are quite nearly a committed couple. We still recognize that she may meet someone else while I am gone, and I am fine with that. I know she will make the decision carefully and prayerfully, and if she will be happier with him, then good for her. :) So the commitment almost has an exception there I guess. We also hardly get to see each other because of the restrictions created by her parents. That's ok though. We make the best of the time we have. Besides, 'all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good'. I have faith. :)

That's pretty much it. I guess it wasn't very short, but there you go. :) As for the use of the word Potassium, we started using it because of this meme:

We starting replacing 'K' with Potassium in our conversations as a joke, and then it became a nickname somewhere along the line. This may also help you understand the title of the blog. Translated, it says 'Romance, K?'. I hope this clears up some confusion. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone! Remember to smile! Also, please please try us with your questions. Smiles and I would ~love~ to have more questions to answer. It would also give me more to write about, and thereby result in more posts! Thanks! Bye!